Site Facelift Goes Live!

Blogging and Project Showcasing. Those were the motivations behind my site’s facelift. It served its purpose of hosting my co-op reports from university, but as you can see from the screenshots that it looked pretty dated and wasn’t responsive.

Desktop (Acceptable)

Pre-facelift Desktop Screenshot

Tablet (Looks Bad But Usable)

Pre-facelift Tablet Screenshot

Mobile (Unusable)

Pre-facelift Mobile Screenshot

and that’s not acceptable in 2019.

Adding new pages was also a chore since I didn’t have a backend for potential server-side templating languages like PHP nor use any build tools. This meant that things such as including page segments and writing markup for multiple elements of the same data structures had to be done manually. That sucked.

Thankfully, this new publishing process allows me to write blog posts in the much more readable markdown, and use a regular git commit process to push my articles live.

Here’s to easy blogging.