Hi, I'm Matt! I'm a web developer and I like to use AWS.


An app I made in school for running the annual door-to-door Halloween food drive, Trick-or-Eat.

Hosted on AWS and powered by Cloudfront, S3, API Gateway, Lambda, SES and RDS Aurora Serverless.

A react app for viewing photos with the intended look of opening up the family photo album

Adding Webpack to AngularJS For Better Deployments To S3

AngularJS was the first version of Google’s frontend framework Angular. It was initially released back in 2010, a lifetime ago in the frontend development community. In that time, different tools and standards had evolved to make deploying frontend code easier. This article will demonstrate how to integrate the bundler Webpack into your AngularJS project to create an easily deployable package with different configurations for different deployment environments (dev/test/prod).