Partner: Wolfgang

This session was heavily focused on staying relaxed in my upper body as well as using smart and fluid movements to create openings.


Since starting kick boxing, I’ve had an issue of always being tense in my upper body. It uses more energy than is necessary for defense, and increases the damage I’d take from hits. It’s a tough habit to break since it seems to happen whenever I try to focus on making my body do something specific, including keeping it relaxed…

Really the only takeaway for me here is that it’s still a problem and I probably need a mental system during training where I’m checking in on my tension periodically and dropping it down.


As for the fluid movements, there were several things highlighted:

Other Remarks

Wolf mentioned my conditioning is to the point where I can start leveraging it better in sparring. This lines up with how I felt after last week’s sparring. I wasn’t very tired after the session and I think it was because I took it easier, or I was much more relaxed.

Either way, I should be aiming for higher strike volume and more movements.