To get this working on my machine (lenovo T430 - Ubuntu 18.04), I had to do the following:

sudo apt install ruby

sudo apt install ruby2.5-dev <– ensure this is the right version

sudo apt install zlib1g-dev

Updated for Lenovo T430 - Ubuntu 20.04 - post-upgrade

# update the header of /usr/bin/bundler to point at /usr/bin/ruby
# as that now points at the current ruby version

# then, install the new version's dev package
sudo apt install ruby2.7-dev

Serve Locally

To run the site locally, run this while in the root directory of the project:

bundle exec jekyll serve

If writing a draft, serve the local site with the –drafts flag

bundle exec jekyll serve --drafts

Templating Language

The name of the Jekyll templating language is Liquid

css Framework

The css framework used for this version is materializecss

To change the colour scheme of the site, do the following:

  1. update colours to whatever you’re looking for in the file scss/_materialize-color-variables-override.scss

  2. edit the SASS file scss/_materialize-variables-override.scss, changing the colour variables

  3. compile the sass files into the final css distributable with the following command: npm run css:compile